Author = Rezaeetalab, Fariba
Number of Articles: 8
1. Investigating causes of undiagnosed exudative pleural effusion by medical Pleuroscopy and close biopsy

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 30 May 2020

Sepide Hejazi; Fariba Rezaeetalab; Mohamadreza Kasraei

2. Hemoptysis as a Rare Presentation of Thoracic Aorta Aneurysm

Volume 8, Issue 1, Winter 2020, Pages 581-583

Farzaneh Akbari; Fariba Rezaeetalab; Mahnaz Mozdourian

3. Pulmonary Embolism as a Complication after radiofrequency catheter ablation Study: A Case Report

Volume 7, Issue 4, Autumn 2019, Pages 554-556

Mahnaz Mozdourian; Fariba Rezaeetalab

4. The relationship between serum NT-pro BNP and the severity of the COPD exacerbation

Volume 6, Issue 2, Spring 2018, Pages 287-290

Farnoosh Ebrahimzadeh; Fariba Rezaeetalab; Ardeshir Matoofi; Asieh Bidel baze

5. Indication of Flexible Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy and the Histopathological Examination in 500 Patients

Volume 6, Issue 1, Winter 2018, Pages 251-257

Seyed Hossein Ahmadi Hosseini; Fariba Rezaeetalab

6. Recurrent Venous Thromboembolism as the Initial Clinical Presentation of Gastric Cancer: A Case Report

Volume 5, Issue 3, Summer 2017, Pages 192-194

Fariba Rezaeetalab; Solmaz Hassani; Mahnaz Amini; Leila Ghofraniha

7. Sleep Overlap Syndrome

Volume 4, Issue 4, Autumn 2016, Pages 497-504

Fariba Rezaeetalab; Fariborz Rezaeitalab; Seyed Hossein Ahmadhosseini; Mina Akbarirad; Fatemeh Akbarirad; Ghazaleh Azami

8. Spirometric Parameters: Hemodialysis Compared to Peritoneal Dialysis

Volume 3, Issue 2, Spring 2015, Pages 293-296

Fariba Rezaeetalab; Abbasali Zeraati; Amir Hosein Fadaeian; Mina Akbarirad; Ghazaleh Azami; Shahrzad Shahrzad MohamadZadeh Lari; Amir Mohamad Hashem Asnaashari