Takayasu Associated Myocarditis in a Young Female: A Case Report

Document Type : Case Report


1 Rajaie Cardiovascular Medical and Research Center, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

2 Cardiovascular Medical and Research Center, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.

3 Department of Rheumatology, Firoozgar Hospital, Iran University of Medical Sciences ,Tehran, Iran.


Takayasu arteritis (TA) is a rare granulomatous panarthritis, characterized by stenosis or obliteration of large and medium-sized arteries, such as the aorta. The onset of symptoms tends to lead to a delay in diagnosis that can range from months to years, during which time vascular disease may initiate and progress to become symptomatic. In this context, TA may present with various uncommon cardiovascular complications such as dilated cardiomyopathy, valvulitis, and myocarditis. Herein, we report on a 29-year-old female who initially presented with active myocarditis and was later incidentally diagnosed with TA.


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