Chronic Asthma and Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease: The Treatment Plans

Document Type : Review Article


1 Pulmonologist, Lung diseases Research Center, Faculty of Medicine, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Emam Reza Hospital, Mashhad, Iran

2 Cardio-Thoracic Surgery & Transplant Research Center, Emam Reza hospital, Faculty of medicine, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran.


Gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) regularly occurs when stomach acid moves up from the stomach into the esophagus. GERD might be associated with chronic asthma symptoms such as coughing and breathlessness. According to several studies on children and adults, GERD is proven to have a close relationship with asthma.  Medication treatment via proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs), such as Omeprazole, H2 receptor blockers (Ranitidine), and other antireflux medications, is appropriate for ameliorating GERD and asthma. Moreover, surgery is another useful approach to GERD and asthma treatment. In this regard, Nissen fundoplication (laparoscopic) is a principal surgery method. Medical and surgical antireflux therapies are recognized as effective methods in the treatment of GERD-associated asthma. Our  review included studies that evaluated treatment of GERD-associated asthma. These studies accentuated the critical role of acid reflux suppression in relieving the patients suffering from a difficult to control asthma.


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