Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 3, Summer 2015 
4. The Role of Pyloromyotomy on Gastric Drainage in Esophagectomy and Gastric Pull-up Procedures: A Randomized Clinical Trial Study

Pages 334-339

Mohsen Sokouti; Sina Zarrintan; Ziaeddin Rasihashemi; Babak Abri-Aghdam; Esmail Qara-Papaque; Hananeh Orangpour

5. Optimal Stent Expansion by Stent Balloon Multiple Inflation at Nominal Pressure in Resistant Lesions: A New Technique

Pages 340-343

Amir Hossein Khosh Nasab; Mahmoud Mohammadzadeh Shabestri; Ali Eshraghi; Majid Jalalyazdi

8. Enlarged Right Atrium Falsely Interpreted as a Mediastinal Mass: A Case Report

Pages 353-354

Farid Zand; Mohammad Reza Sasani; Shahrbanoo Shahbazi; Kamran Hojabri; Mansour Jannati